Fertilizer Spreader

Give Your Lawn the Nutrients it Needs and Watch it Thrive

Getting lush green grass isn't as easy as watering it.

Fertilizing your yard properly will directly impact the color and health of your grass. For your yard to thrive, it needs the right nutrients. Your lawn needs to thrive. It's not a one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on your grass, soil, and growing conditions, your fertilizing needs can be very different from your neighbors.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services in Tyler, TX

Fertilize your grass without fertilizing the weeds. Our team of lawn maintenance experts will use a pre-emergent on your lawn to give your grass a jump start.

Grass thrives when it doesn't have any competition. Weeds can not grow through busy, healthy, and robust grass.

Part of weed control is maintaining a well-fertilized yard.

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Lawncare before and after

Custom Maintenance Plans

We create custom maintenance plans that will fit your needs and budget.

  • Do you love cutting your own grass but are overwhelmed and frustrated by bed management and weeding?
  • Does your yard need some spring cleanup to prepare for the summer ahead?
  • Do you love fall foliage but dislike raking leaves?

Whatever it is, our team is here to make your life easier and give you a lawn you and your guests love.

Best Lawn Fertilizer Company in Tyler, TX

You can have a yard you love, and everyone envies. At Tee to Green Law and Landscape, we can handle all of your landscaping needs. From fertilizing to mowing, trimming trees to killing weeds, our team can do it all! 

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